REEF 70.2 / White / No Lighting
REEF 70.2 / White / No Lighting
Waterbox Aquariums


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The most loved aquarium in the industry makes you fall in love again with aquatics. Utilizing the best in class features and size range.

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What's Included

Waterbox REEF systems provide hobbyist a customizable foundation to design their dream aquarium. At its core each Waterbox REEF system is the same, however when the owner brings it to life, not a single Waterbox is the same.

  • Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass
  • Ready to Assemble Plumbing
  • All Glass Sump System
  • Includes Filter Socks and Sock Silencers
  • UV Coated Plywood Cabinetry
  • +Plus HD Edition Includes AI Hydra 32HD Lighting & HMS


REEF 70.2

REEF 70.2

REEF 100.3

REEF 130.4


The most loved aquarium in the industry makes you fall in love again with aquatics. Utilizing the best in class features and size range.

Full Glass Overflow

Overflow boxes are constructed entirely of glass with water-etched weir teeth.

Dual Return Nozzles

Each side of the glass overflow box features adjustable return nozzles for precise water agitation.

Self-Leveling Mat

Includes a pre-seated, self-leveling foam mat, which keeps your aquarium level on uneven surfaces and reduces tension on the glass.

Straight-Edged Black Silicone

Utilizing a straight-edging technique, all silicone seams have exceptional strength and a clean appearance.


Each Waterbox has our laser-etched, floating logo inside the glass to prove authenticity.

Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass

The use of licensed Starphire Ultra Clear, low-iron glass on each side of the aquarium provides unparalleled clarity.


Our engineers have designed the REEF with a ready to assemble plumbing kit that provides easy installation without any gluing required.

Quick Connect Assembly

Assembly is quick and easy with no gluing required.

Precision Gate Valve

Controls the flow through the drains, ensuring quiet operation.

Flexible Return Line

Accommodates your choice of any return pump by using a flexible hose.

Safety Drain

Diverts water into the filtration compartment preventing an overflow, in the event of a clog.


Our REEF systems shine above the rest with our thoughtfully designed, sized and placed sump system.

Auto Top-off Reservoir 

Dedicated sump chamber for the use of an auto top-off controller.

Pre-Cut Filter Sponge 

Increases filtration and reduces micro-bubbles in the system.  

Sock Silencer

Assists in reducing sound of water flowing from the cascading tier.

Filter Socks

Includes one 4” Mesh Filter Socks and one 4” 225 Micron Felt Filter Sock 

Sump Diagrams


Waterbox furniture is designed to elevate your living spaces with our first in class cabinetry and finishes.

Cabinet Finishes

Options include UV painted black or white with laminated black interior. Laminated Oak also available.

Soft Close Doors

PVC coated hinges with soft close doors.

Leveling Feet

Leveling feet to provide long-lasting support and stability.

Push Open

Recessed push-open hardware.

Waterbox has partnered with AquaIllumination to create the ultimate aquatic environment with our +PLUS HD Edition aquarium bundles.

(1) AI HMS

REEF 100.3
(2) AI HMS

REEF 130.4
(2) AI HMS

Overflow mounted lights will only work with Waterbox specific HMS brackets.

Waterbox Official Facebook Group

Join the Waterbox Official Facebook group to get inspired.  Post questions, ask for help, or just show off your aquarium. The community is here to help and join you on your journey to a successful and healthy aquarium.



A simple way to choose the right equipment for your aquarium.

Combined with AquaIllumination signature lighting schedules, setup has never been easier.

MyAI App Blueprint

Download the customized lighting scheduled specifically designed for fish only.

Download Blueprint

Recommended Filtration and Circulation Equipment

Return Pump

The purpose of a return pump is to circulate water from the sump into the main display area. *Barb and Screen Kit required for compatibility with Waterbox Plumbing Kit.

Protein Skimmer

Protein skimmers help maintain low nitrate levels by preventing nitrate buildup. They remove organic waste before it has a chance to break down and release nitrogen compounds.

REEF 70.2 - Nyos Quantum 120
REEF 100.3 - Nyos Quantum 120
REEF 130.4 - Nyos Quantum 160

Media Reactor

The Nyos ® TORQ ® is a new type of high-performance system reactor with a modular design for all types of filter media such as activated carbon, phosphate adsorber, zeolite and biopellets.
*Requires Nyos TORQ Dock

REEF 70.2 - Nyos TORQ .75 or 1.0
REEF 100.3 - Nyos TORQ .75 or 1.0
REEF 130.4 - Nyos TORQ .75 or 1.0

Filter Socks

Remove suspended debris and detritus, which often lead to excess dissolved organics, nitrate and phosphate.

Auto Top-Off

An auto top-off system is designed to automatically detect the water level in your tank with a sensor and move water from a reservoir into the display when necessary.

Freight Local Delivery

Freight Shipment to your Doorstep

2 Year Warranty

On all glass aquariums

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews Write a review